Common Causes of Windscreen Damage

Common Causes of Windscreen Damage

Most people take the same road along their route every day, and, in most cases, travel is uneventful. However, no matter how safely you drive, there are certain road hazards that you can’t avoid. Stray pebbles, falling branches, or even hail can strike your windscreen and leave behind a nasty chip or crack that now needs urgent repair. Fast Car Glass has created a list of the most common causes of windscreen damage so you can prepare or even prevent them from happening.

Construction Vehicle Damage

Construction vehicles carry a lot of road hazards in their tires. Along with their tires, they also transport tools, rocks, dirt, and other machinery that can be a danger to your windscreen. Heavy trucks can kick up debris from the road and send them crashing into your windscreen, or items from the back of the truck can fall off and strike your windscreen. It is best to maintain a far distance from work vehicles or avoid driving behind them completely.

Damage From Road Gravel

When it comes to damage hot-zones, roads that have a high amount of debris and gravel top the list. Most windscreen damage comes from gravel, stones, and other hard objects found in work areas and roads with loose debris. The best way to avoid damaging your windscreen is by avoiding these types of roads and maintaining a generous distance from other cars if you do have to use them.

Extreme Temperatures

Direct sunlight and too much cold both have a negative impact on windscreens. Sun damage can cause the seals to crack and too much cold can also have the same effect. If there are cracks or chips already on the windscreen, temperature extremes can cause damage to worsen. Park out of direct sunlight and cover your car during the cooler months to prevent freezing.

Mother Nature

Mother Nature is one of the most prolific windscreen damage culprits. She can sand hail, harsh wind, grit, and even tree limbs to damage your glass. In most cases, you can avoid harsh weather by watching weather reports but there is no way to avoid sudden storms. When parking your car, choose a location that is sheltered or out of the elements. If possible, park in your home garage or car park when you are not on the road.

Car Accidents

Accidents do happen, and when they do, generally your windscreen is the first place that will get damaged. This can be from accidents as simple as the neighbor throwing a ball too far and hitting your car all the way up to a moving car collision. Always pay attention when you are driving to avoid needless danger and avoid parking your car where there are usually children’s activities.

Repairing Your Windscreen If It Gets Damaged

No matter how careful you may be, there is a good chance you will crack or chip your windscreen at some point. When this happens, the best course of action is to give our Manchester windscreen repair services a call at 7707550375. As the areas premier windscreen repair provider, Fast Car Glass will act quickly to fix the damage before it has a chance to spread.

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