Tempered Car Glass VS Laminated Car Glass

Tempered Car Glass VS Laminated Car Glass

When you get in your car, chances are you pay very little attention to the glass unless there happens to be a problem. While all car glass is safe for the road, there are some differences between the different types that are installed on your vehicle. Windscreens are usually made out of laminate car glass while the rest of the windows in the car are typically made of tempered car glass. 

Tempered glass will shatter into small, blocked pieces when it breaks to prevent serious injury. Laminated glass, on the other hand, will bend and flex, but generally not shatter even when it is broken. Either way, if your car glass has broken, you should get a Windscreen Replacement in Manchester done ASAP. It’s also important to note that both of these types of glass are created to break in a way that is as safe as possible for the passengers inside. Fast Car Glass will go more into detail on laminate and tempered car glass below. 

Why is Tempered Glass Used on Cars?

Toughened glass or tempered glass is created through a special process. The glass is heated and cooled in a tempering furnace to make it as much as ten times stronger than its original form. You can also temper glass with thermal treatments or chemicals instead of using a furnace. Tempering helps to make glass more resilient to stress and better able to withstand impact damage. 

Tempered glass is usually used on the back windscreen and on the side windows. Other areas of the car aside from the main windscreen are also made of tempered car glass. This glass is much stronger than regular glass, such as that installed in home windows. It is easier to break than laminated glass, however, when it does break, it won’t shatter into sharp shards. It will break into dull blocks or chunks that are less likely to cause serious harm in the event of an accident. 

This type of glass is used on cars so that passengers can break the windows to get out if needed. It also allows emergency services or rescue teams to break into the car to render aid if needed. 

Why is Laminated Glass Used for Windscreens?

Laminated car glass is used for windscreens due to the high level of durability. It is also much costlier to make and install which is another reason it is reserved for the windscreen. Laminated car glass is much stronger than tempered glass and it also has more layers. Laminated car glass is made up of three layers. Two outer layers of tempered glass sandwich a layer of a special plastic called PVB. 

The PVB in the middle of two tempered sheets adds strength to the windscreen in addition to boosting its structural integrity. The main purpose of PVB in the middle is to keep the glass from shattering during an impact. This plastic layer will allow the glass to bend and flex and in most cases, it will web instead of shatter. The plastic layer is often tinted which helps to repel UV rays. In fact, PVB is able to block out as much as 99% of UV light and also works to insulate the car against sound. 

Car Glass By Fast Car Glass

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