Helpful Tips to Help You Prevent Windscreen Damage

Helpful Tips to Help You Prevent Windscreen Damage

When you live outside a city, you understand the necessity of getting around in your vehicle. That is why it is so important to keep all repairs up to date so you don’t end up broken down on the side of the road.  

Some basic maintenance throughout the year can include changing your tires and keeping them in good condition, oil changes and monitoring other fluid levels, and checking on your car battery. Some other things to keep an eye on are all the glass on your car. One of the most important ones being your windscreen.  

For windscreens, the glass used is a special kind of glass that is tougher than regular glass. Part of the structure of your car is supported by the windscreen. This aids in protecting people in the vehicle when getting in an accident. Although your windscreen is strong, it is not impervious to damages. Once your windscreen becomes damaged, it becomes hazardous to the people inside the vehicle and out. If you ever find that your windscreen gets damaged, we here at Fast Car Glass are there to help you! We have come up with a few tips you to help you stay safe and keep your windscreen damage free while on the road.  

Frequently Replace Wipers 

Wipers should actually be replaced every season, but especially if they get damaged. Old wipers can get cracked and become brittle, which can lead them to tear, making them useless to you and dangerous when you’re driving. These things can happen naturally, over time, if the wipers are older. If you let your wipers get old, cracked, and torn, this can actually cause damage to your windscreen. Scratches can form from the broken wipers. These scratches can cause diminished visibility, chips can form, and eventually, cracks. To avoid all this, change your wipers regularly and if you notice any scratches, get them repaired before you need a replacement.  

Park Inside, If Possible 

Weather doesn’t just affect us; it also affects your windscreen. The temperatures outside cause stress on the glass. When you live in a place where they range in extremes from very high to very low, your glass has to compensate for that change. Things like direct sunlight, extreme cold, and heavy snow all weaken your windscreen over the years. The easiest way to avoid and control this is to keep your vehicle inside when you’re not using it. We know that some of you don’t necessarily have access to a garage to store your car, so an alternative would be to find a covered car park, or lease a space during bad weather.  

Stay Back from Other Vehicles 

Most of the time, while on the road, chips and cracks can happen from other vehicles unintentionally launching debris them from their wheels. One of the best ways to avoid this is by keeping a safe distance between you and the person in front of you. The best distance is about two car lengths of space between you. For larger vehicles, like trucks, you should increase this distance to about three or four car lengths. Or if possible, be in a different lane all together. Doing so will lower your chances of having rocks thrown at you and other things on the road, avoiding preventable cracks and chips. 

Preventing Windscreen Damages 

We here at Fast Car Glass know that no one ever intentionally goes to get a crack or chip in their windscreen. Accidents happen but we want to help you prepare and prevent these things from happening with our blogs. The more you know and are aware, the better and safer you will be with your windscreen. The next time you need a Manchester Windscreen Chip Repair contact us at 07707 550375 to book an appointment or to find out more. 

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