Your Big Rig Needs Windscreen Care Too

Your Big Rig Needs Windscreen Care Too

Commercial vehicles spend more time on the road than most family cars and therefore have a higher risk of accidental damage to the glass in the windscreen. The experts at Fast Car Glass can help you learn care tips for your rigs windscreen to ensure safe conditions for your drivers.

General care of big rig windscreens are the same as the care for your car. However there are differences which will be explained later on. Drivers should be aware of the following recommendations:

  • Don’t follow other big rigs too closely to avoid stones and rocks that may be kicked up.
  • Park the rig in safe locations to prevent vandalism.
  • Chips and cracks need to be reported right away so they are repaired quickly.

One of the main differences between car and big rig care is regulations stipulated by the government and insurance companies. Drivers are required to do a safety check of their rig before heading onto the road. Cracked or chipped windscreens are a safety violation and most insurance companies require them to be repaired immediately to comply with the terms of the insurance policy.

The cost of windscreen replacement may be higher for a big rig because the glass is larger and studier than that of the average car. Because commercial vehicles log many more miles and hours on the road than most cars they have an increased risk of accidental damage. However, that does not mean that repairing a chip or small crack has to be more expensive. The same process is used to repair the windscreen of a big rig as is used to repair the windscreen in a subcompact.

Fast Car Glass can help you keep the windscreen in your commercial vehicles in tip top shape with a service plan contract. It is as simple as contacting our service center to create a business account. Our service contract will give you and your driver’s peace of mind out on the road.

Call us at 07707550375 or 08000842929 to talk to a service representative.

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