Can You Trust Your Vehicle Windscreen Repair Shop?

Can You Trust Your Vehicle Windscreen Repair Shop?

If you are looking for the answer to this question, then you probably have already answered it. If you trusted your vehicle windscreen repair shop you are using you would not be asking, right? Do you feel comfortable going to them knowing they will give you a direct and truthful answer about whether your vehicle needs a new windscreen replacement or can get a repair instead? If not, then you should consider changing your windscreen repair shop. Are they certified and licensed? Have they been in business long and do they have good reviews?

How Do You Know?

These are all important things to know BEFORE something happens and you need their help. Do not wait until your vehicle windscreen is already too damaged to drive before you start asking these questions. Unfortunately, this is when some windscreen repair shops take advantage of your vulnerability. Knowing that you need your vehicle to get around, a dishonest shop will try to convince you that you need a replacement windscreen when you could have just gotten it fixed for under $50! Then they will charge you twice as much as you should be paying because they know you are in a hurry to get it back on the road. This is NOT the time to be jumping into anything without being sure.

Call Us 24/7/365

FAST CAR GLASS in Manchester will never steer you wrong and will always choose the easiest and cheapest solution for your vehicle. This is not only best for you, but for us as well. We do not want to spend more time doing work that is not necessary. Sure, we may get a few hundred dollars more, but we will spend most of that on labor and parts so it will not benefit us to swindle you. Also, we actually care about our customers and their safety. If your vehicle just needs a simple chip repair, the best thing for your vehicle is to just fix the damage. Anytime you do a major windscreen replacement there are risks, such as leaky seal or bad glass, which can happen no matter who does your windscreen replacement. Just like when you have a medical procedure, such as an operation, there are risks.

Crime Really Does Not Pay

Although there are some companies that may try to take you for a ride, so to speak; most automobile windscreen repair shops are honest. Just like FAST CAR GLASS in Manchester, it does not really pay off to rip off a customer because not only is it dishonest and wrong, it can also come back and hurt them. If any windscreen repair shop gets caught convincing unknowing customers into getting new windscreens when it is not necessary, they will pay a big price. Not just by losing that customer, but losing their reputation, a fine, and even losing their business. Additionally, the owners and anyone else involved in the illegal actions can face jail time. This means anyone who worked there at the time who knew about the cover-up and did not say or do anything to stop it.


Let’s face it, if you are asking this question you have doubts about the Fast Car Glass you have been using, so give FAST CAR GLASS a call at 0800 084 2929 and we will give you a truthful quote and insist you get a second or even a third quote from other companies to be sure before agreeing to the work being done.

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