Why It’s Dangerous to Drive If Your Windscreen Is Chipped

Why It’s Dangerous to Drive If Your Windscreen Is Chipped

Your windscreen is an important part of your vehicle. It keeps the people inside safe from the elements and potential harm. Anytime your windscreen is damaged, it is important to get it fixed as soon as possible.

If your windscreen suffers a crack or a chip, there is no reason to delay, but have you ever considered why it is so important to repair the glass quickly? Fast Car Glass has put together a list of information to help you better understand the dangers of driving with a damaged windscreen.

Why is a Chipped Windscreen Dangerous?

Anything that compromises the stability of your vehicle should be corrected as soon as possible. When the damage is to the windscreen, it is even more important to act quickly. There are several reasons why a chipped windscreen can put you and your passengers in danger. Depending on the size and location of the damage, it can either be repaired or your windscreen may require a total replacement. Some of the dangers are listed below.

Weak Glass

When your windscreen is chipped or cracked, it can reduce the overall strength of your glass. Cold weather or very hot weather can make small chips or cracks spread to other parts of the windscreen. Also, when you drive your car over any surface, vibrations travel through the car and over your vehicle’s glass. These vibrations can cause existing chips to spread further or even multiply. The last thing you want is for your windscreen to shatter as you are driving over a speed breaker or when you hit a pothole.

Driver Visibility

The location of the damage can also present a problem. While you may be able to ignore scratches or chips on the side glass, a chip that limits the driver’s visibility is hard to ignore. In the most extreme cases, these chips can cause an accident on the road. However, they can also present problems when trying to do basic tasks, such as parking. The best way to avoid dangers that come from obstruction vision while on the road is to repair any damage to the windscreen as soon as possible.


Even if the damage to the windscreen is not directly in front of the driver, it can still be a distraction. Cracks or chips that are within the peripheral vision of the driver can cause them to lose their focus while they are on the road. Distractions while driving are dangerous. The are also just another prime example of why you should repair your windscreen as soon as possible.

How Fast Car Glass Can Help

If your car has a damaged windscreen, we can help. No matter how small the chip may be, or how large the crack has become, we have a solution for you. We offer high quality car glass and windscreen repair in Manchester for a very affordable price. For more information about our rates and services, give us a call at 7707550375.

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