Essential Factors to Consider When Choosing to Replace or Repair Your Car Glass

Essential Factors to Consider When Choosing to Replace or Repair Your Car Glass

Every car owner needs to understand the importance of windscreens when it comes to protection. Not only does the essential glass keep out the elements and debris, but it is also an essential part of your vehicle’s safety features. Windscreens are designed to prevent those riding in the car from being ejected during an accident. It also helps to maintain the structure of the car in the event of a rollover. Anytime there is damage to your windscreen or if it has been installed improperly, the risk of danger increases.

No matter how well you maintain your windscreen, airborne debris and other road hazards can cause chips or cracks to form on the glass. Once your windscreen becomes damaged, your next task will be to determine if you need repairs, or if you should just replace it. Fast Car Glass wants you to keep these crucial factors in mind when choosing your next step.


While size is substantial, the location of the damage should invariably be the first concern. Chips or cracks in your windscreen that fall in the driver’s line of sight are exceptionally dangerous. Damage located along the edges of the car glass is also a concern. Cracks or chips on the edges of the glass can undermine the structural integrity of the windscreen, which can put everyone in the car at risk.

Damage Size

Some damage is small enough to fix while others may require a full replacement. The size of the distressed area on your windscreen plays an important part in the repair decision. According to our experts, any chips that are the size of a standard business card or less can generally be repaired. Anything larger requires evaluation or perhaps replacement. It’s important to repair the damage quickly because vibrations from the car could cause the cracks or chips to spread.

Type of Damage

Some forms of windscreen damage are more concerning than others. Minor chips and scratches that only affect the surface can generally be repaired. If the damage goes all the way through to the inside of the car, total replacement is required. Cracks that have begun to spider-web across your windscreen also will result in the need for a total replacement.

Why You Should Repair Your Car Glass ASAP

You should consider the factors above when choosing to replace or repair your windscreen but don’t wait too long. Anytime there damage to the glass on your car, it can limit your ability to see the road. Damage can also get worse over time as you encounter additional road hazards, the elements, and normal vibrations. All of these factors place you and your passengers in danger every time you are on the road.

How We Can Help

No matter what type of help car glass help you need, be it a full replacement or simple repairs, we are here to help. The Windscreen experts here at Fast Car Glass are standing by to give you the competent advice and service you need to stay safe on the road. We offer windscreen replacement in Manchester and the surrounding area for almost all car and van makes and models. To find out more about our rates, services and packages, give us a call at 7707550375 today.

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