Fix Your Chipped Windscreen Before Winter

Fix Your Chipped Windscreen Before Winter

Winter road conditions are often riddled with hazards, so you shouldn’t increase the danger by driving with a chipped windscreen. Chipped car glass is dangerous for a variety of reasons, in the winter, you are also adding in low visibility, sleet, snow, hail, and heavy rains. All of these result in less light and poor visibility on the road.

Instead of driving with a chipped windscreen, let the experts here at Fast Car Glass give you a windscreen repair and restore your vehicle to a cocoon of safety.

What Are the Risks of Having a Chipped Windscreen in the Winter?

Your windscreen serves many functions for your vehicle. It is there to protect you and your passengers from the elements and a third of your vehicles structural strength is due solely to the windscreen. In addition, your car glass is also responsible for:

  • Protection from ejection during an accident
  • Support during airbag deployment
  • Protection from the environment
  • And more!

Simply put, your windscreen is more than just an aesthetically pleasing part of your vehicle; it’s an essential part of your car that offers a wide range of protection. A glare from the chipped area can cause distractions when you are driving, or moisture can even leak through the chipped area causing your interior to become damaged.

How the Cold Affects Chipped Car Glass

According to years of research by the MRA, studies have shown that windscreens that are chipped are more than half as more likely to crack in the cold as they are in the heat. If the weather falls below 14 degrees, this percentage jumps to 80%.

Cold weather also adds more stress to the windscreen. When you defrost, you are suddenly exposing your chipped windscreen to warmer temperatures after it has been exposed to the cold for a long period. This sudden change in temperature can possibly turn into heavy damage. Using a de-icer or even using a car glass scraper too can encourage an already chipped windscreen to crack and web.

How Much Does It Cost to Fix a Chipped Windscreen?

Everything that needs repair has a cost associated with it, but instead of getting stuck on the price of repair focus on how much more it would cost to fix the damage that may be caused if the windscreen is not replaced.

Instead of thinking about the price, or risking your safety, it’s better to repair chips on your car glass as soon as they appear.  Our mobile windscreen services can keep you safe from harm and help to have a clear view while you are on the road. In most cases, your car insurance will cover the cost of a windscreen repair, so make sure to check your policy before you call.

How We Can Help

Fast Car Glass is always here to help when you need urgent windscreen repair. Give us a call at 7707550375 to find out more about our services or to schedule a time for us to come by and repair your windscreen.

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