How to Do Your Own Windscreen Replacement

How to Do Your Own Windscreen Replacement

At one time or another you will probably become a victim of a windscreen chip or crack due to no fault of your own. You may be driving enjoying the scenery and all of a sudden there is a loud pop and then you see a small pit in the glass in front of you. Of course you do not really think anything of it at the time because it is so small it should not hurt anything. It is not blocking your vision in any way and it is not big enough to be unsightly. So you forget all about it.

Bad News

Within a few days you notice that little pit in the windscreen has become a spider web about the size of a golf ball. This makes you a tad bit nervous but it is still not big enough to worry about. But a few days later you come out to your car and realize it has spread out to cover about a quarter of the whole windscreen! Now, you realize it is time to do a windscreen replacement.

Get a New Windscreen

windscreenThe first thing to do is get a new windscreen to put on your vehicle. It is essential to choose a good automobile glass shop in or around Manchester that is certified to sell windscreens. There are certain rules and regulations they need to know to help you find the right one for your vehicle. They can look up the make, model and year of your vehicle and find exactly the right one for your car.

Get Rid of the Old

Next, you need to remove the old windscreen and you may need to get a friend to help because it will be a heavy job. Get all of the tools you will need, such as a rubber mallet, putty knife or scraper, gasket sealer and two suction cups that are specially made for windscreen replacement. You will also need to have a pair of sawhorses with padding to place the new windscreen on, but you should already have that done. Take off the windscreen wiper assembly and all the hardware and then carefully remove the molding around the old windscreen. You will need to use the molding again on the new one. Scrape off the gasket and adhesive and take out the old glass with the suction cups, and put it aside.

Put in the New

Put the gasket all the way around the replacement windscreen, being sure to get it fitted around the edges. Brush the gasket adhesive under the gasket by pulling it up a little at a time, being careful to keep it in place. Have your friend help you use the suction cups to lift the new windscreen onto the car, using the rubber mallet to get it to go all the way in where needed. Replace the clips and molding onto the car around the windscreen, and you can use the rubber mallet again if you need it. And that’s it! Just check it for leaks and then let it cure for at least 24 hours before getting back out there onto the roads.

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