How to Keep Ice off Your Windscreen This Winter

How to Keep Ice off Your Windscreen This Winter

Cold weather is a constant companion, which means that cold weather car troubles are also common occurrences. When the winter season rolls around, one of the most common issues vehicle owners face is ice forming on their windscreen. Most people can be observed chipping away ice from their windscreens every morning and, while this is effective, there is a proper way to go about it.

Extremely cold temperatures can weaken your windscreen. Improper scraping can even lead to damage sometimes even requiring a windscreen replacement in Manchester. Instead of risking your windscreen, keep these ice removal tips from Fast Car Glass in mind all season long.

Windscreen Ice Prevention

The best way to keep your windscreen safe is to prevent ice from forming. While it may not be possible to know exactly when a flash storm will hit, watching your local weather listings will give you a good idea when a cold front is expected. If your local weather forecast calls for sleet, rain, snow, or freezing temperatures, you can take preventative measures to prevent ice formation.

One way to avoid ice from forming on your windscreen is by parking indoors or in an enclosed location. Covering your windscreen with a windscreen cover is another creative way to help prevent ice from forming. If you don’t have covered parking, covering your car in a large sheet or tarp is an effective way to reduce or prevent ice formation.

With the suggestions above, you can prevent ice from forming on your windscreen completely. If you happen to miss the weather report or if ice still forms on your windscreen, keep reading for two effective removal tips.

Safe Windscreen Ice Removal

De-icing products are everywhere, but they don’t come cheap. There is a much more affordable solution that you most likely already have in your medicine cabinet. Rubbing alcohol mixed with water in a 50/50 ratio is as effective as any costly de-icing product on the market. To make the mixture even more effective, add a couple of drops of regular dishwashing fluid too.

Another way to get rid of ice on your windscreen if you have time to spare is by using your car’s defroster. Just start your car and allow it to warm up for a short while. Then turn on your defroster and allow it to run until the ice turns to slush on your windscreen. This process ordinarily takes between five and ten minutes, so consider enjoying a warm coffee while you wait.

How Fast Car Glass Can Help

Making sure your windscreen and the rest of your car is ice-free before you hit the road is important for your safety. However, with our valuable tips, you should be able to keep your windscreen ice-free all winter long. If your windscreen does suffer damage due to the cold or any other road hazards, don’t worry. We are here to help. Give us a call at 7707550375 to find out more about our windscreen repair in Manchester today.

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