What You Should Know When Choosing a Windscreen Repair Company

What You Should Know When Choosing a Windscreen Repair Company

You likely have seen advertising for many different Manchester windscreen repair services, but it’s important to remember that not all companies do the same quality of work. The windscreen is one of the most important safety features in your car. It allows you to see clearly in harsh weather conditions, protects you from the elements and from injury in the event of an accident.

It is imperative that the company you choose to replace your windscreen only uses high quality glass from a reputable manufacturer. All windscreen glass is not created equal dealer or OEM glass is made of superior materials and must meet high quality control standards generic glass may not meet the same standards putting you and your family at risk.

If they don’t use dealer or OEM glass and the same adhesive as the automobile manufacturer uses continue looking for a quality car glass repair company.

Installation is another important factor to keep in mind when choosing a repair company. Replacing a windscreen is a two person job. A windscreen that is improperly installed is dangerous and will detract from the appearance of your car.

In addition to the quality of the windscreen the quality of the adhesive used to hold the glass in place is equally important. Quality adhesive has a PSI of 1,000 and will hold the windscreen in place in the event of a collision. Poor quality adhesives will break down over time and could cause the windscreen to become loose. Besides the safety issues, loose glass will result in wind noise and leakage when it rains.

To properly replace the windscreen, the cowl or plastic cover below the glass needs to be removed. Windscreens that are replaced without removing the cowl may not seal properly. Companies that hurry through the job will dip or slide the glass instead of removing the cowl. If you see your windscreen wipers are raised during the repair process it is likely the company did not remove the cowl.

A reputable company should stand behind their work and will offer a lifetime warranty on the installation service. If a company doesn’t offer a guarantee on their work or if they only offer a limited warranty, continue looking for a repair company to ensure your windscreen is properly installed.

A good windscreen repair company will work to accommodate your schedule. Will the repair company come to your location to do the repair or must you go to theirs? Do they offer early morning or late afternoon appointments or appointments on Saturday?

Some companies use a call center to make appointments and don’t have anyone on hand to answer your questions. It is important to be able to talk to a person with hands-on experience to get your questions answered accurately.

There are a number of questions you should ask before hiring a windscreen repair company:

  • What type of glass and adhesive they use in the repairs?
  • Do you inspect the windscreen before installation?
  • How many technicians do the replacement?
  • Do you offer a lifetime guarantee?
  • Do you offer convenient appointment times?

The quality repair technicians here at Fast Car Glass will be happy to answer all of your questions.

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