Mobile vs. In-Shop Windscreen Replacement Services

Mobile vs. In-Shop Windscreen Replacement Services

One of the most common questions asked before our clients replace their windscreen is if they should bring their car into our shop, or if they should call a mobile replacement service. Driving with a severely damaged windscreen is never a good idea, so it is important to change the glass as soon as possible. But the questions remains – should you use a mobile service or come into a shop? Fast Car Glass will compare the two types of services to help you make a decision.

Ease of Repair

Many customers work long hours and find it harder to set aside time to bring in their car for repair and wait for the work to be completed. Quick repair is essential when to come to keep your car road safe. If you find that setting aside several hours too difficult, a mobile windscreen replacement service is a great option. Our technicians will arrive with all the tools needed to get the job done then and there, including the right glass to fit your vehicle if you are seeking a full replacement.

Efficient Use of Time

No matter where you have your windscreen replaced, the actual process will take about an hour to finish. It is important to remember that the vehicle should not be driven for at least three to four hours following a windscreen replacement. The glass is bonded to the frame using urethane, which takes time to set and to cure properly. However, if you call the mobile service to your home, you will not be stuck waiting in a shop for the replacement to be finished.

Environmental Conditions

The weather is not always predictable, and driving with a damaged windscreen is already dangerous without considering the weather. However, the availability of our mobile services does depend on precipitation, temperature, and wind activity in your area. This is because adhesives that are used to bond the windscreen to the car are not as effective when exposed to extreme weather, such as very cold or very hot temperatures. Our technicians can easily reschedule coming to you once the weather returns to normal.

Safe Repairs

The windscreen in a car provides critical structural support in the frame. Any time the windscreen becomes damaged, it can cause concern about the safety of the whole care. Some damage can even limit the driver’s visibility is dangerous for everyone on the road. Our mobile service will restore the safety of your vehicle in the most efficient manner, so you can get back on the road quickly and safely.

Windscreen Repair with Fast Car Glass

When it comes to windscreen repair in Manchester, you can trust the advice and work from our hardworking and experienced technicians. We have been servicing motorists in the area for decades, and we are dedicated to offering you the best repair possible at an affordable rate. For more information on our windscreen repair and replacement services or to schedule a mobile repair time slot, give us a call at 7707550375 today.

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