The Top Reasons Windscreens Chip and Crack

The Top Reasons Windscreens Chip and Crack

The most annoying type of car damage to deal with is a chipped or cracked windscreen. It is also the most common type of damage, thanks to a wide range of road hazards that our car face daily. Most cracks go unnoticed, but they can quickly become a major issue and put the driver and its passengers at risk if left unfixed.

Repairing chips and cracks on a windscreen is quick, easy, and affordable. An adhesive or resin solution is used to fill in the damage and restore the windscreen to its pristine state. However, there are times when small chips transform into serious damage. When this happens, a full windscreen replacement is required. In these cases, it is important to hire a professional car glass repair company such as Fast Car Glass for assistance.

What Causes Windscreen Damage?

Although there are many causes of cracks, chips, and windscreen damage, Fast Car Glass has put together a list of the top four that our experts hear about the most. By avoiding them, you’ll be much more likely to keep your car and its windscreen pristine all year long.

Stones & Debris

Stone chips encountered while on the road are the leading cause of windscreen damage. Windscreens may encounter stones while driving over country lanes, driveways, gravel roads or even just on the highway. Often, small stones will become lodged in the tires of cars, only to be thrown behind them as the wheels turn. Anything that strikes your glass while you are moving at a high speed, such as on the highway, has the potential to damage it. Leaving space between your car and the one in front of you will help reduce the chance of your windscreen damage from thrown stones.

Freezing Weather

Outside temperature plays a large role in the health of your windscreen. As the temperatures fall, the extreme shift to freezing can cause small cracks to form over the surface. Over time, these cracks will get larger, and, eventually, the windscreen will need to be replaced. When the temperature drops, resist the urge to use hot water to de-ice your car glass. The rapid temperature change can cause existing cracks to widen and new cracks to develop.

Wild Weather

Harsh weather always has the potential to be damaging to cars, property, and even people. Hail, harsh windstorms, and other types of extreme weather all can result in chips and cracks on your windscreen. Even modern cars with super thick glazing are no match for Mother Nature. There is no way to win against Mother Nature, which is why you should park in a safe place during extreme weather conditions.

Too Much Sunlight

Considering cars made to sit outside, it seems strange that sunlight will cause problems. Just as too much cold can damage your windscreen, the same is true for too much direct sunlight. Direct sunlight can add stress to the glass that will encourage cracks to form, or for existing damage to spread. To reduce the amount of sunlight your windscreen is exposed to, park in a covered garage or under a tree.

How We Can Help

Fast Car Glass provides car glass and windscreen repair in Manchester and the surrounding area. We repair and replace windscreens from almost all makes and models, including vintage vehicles. Our services are insurance-approved, which makes repair affordable and easy to arrange. Instead of playing Russian roulette with your safety, give us a call at 07707550375 for your windscreen repair today.

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