Repairing Rock Chips on Your Windscreen in the Winter

Repairing Rock Chips on Your Windscreen in the Winter

Getting chips from rocks repaired is important regardless of which season it occurs, but car owners should be especially careful in the winter. Road hazards such as gravel, rocks, and debris are common enough in the summer, but in winter you also have to add hail, ice, cold weather and low visibility to your list of road worries. Chips in your car glass can lead to visibility impairment; Fast Car Glass is here to help you avoid the danger that comes with chips in your windscreen.

Why Do Rock Chips Need To Be Repaired?

It’s especially important to take care of your windscreen in winter months because some chips can have a serious impact on your ability to see the road. In addition, the extreme temperature changes can result in those tiny chips turning into costly cracks that span your whole windscreen.

The critical viewing area on your windscreen which is located directly in front of the driver’s seat must always be free of damage and viewing impediments. When this part of your windscreen becomes severely damaged, you may end up having to replace your whole car glass. Rock chips that are spotted early on can often be repaired for a minimal fee, so anytime you see damage on your glass, you should get in touch with Fast Car Glass for an evaluation.

If you have a windscreen that is already damaged, driving in the winter can be dangerous. There are often strong winds and debris flying about that can further weaken an already damaged windscreen. In the winter it’s also easier for gravel to gain traction on the icy roads which make it easier to suffer additional cracks or chips to already damaged glass.

Cracked and chipped windscreens reduce the overall integrity of the structure of your vehicle making it more vulnerable to the winter weather or accidental bumps on the road. While your nose may feel dry in the winter, there is a lot of moisture in the air that can lodge itself in the cracks and expand as the temperature drops. This will cause chips to turn into cracks and existing cracks to run or web.

Can You Repair Chips or Cracks Yourself?

While there are many do it yourself glass repair kits you can find on the market, most are not safe enough to consider your windscreen fully repaired. It is always a good idea to get in touch with Fast Car Glass to have the damage on your car glass evaluated and repaired in a professional manner.  A type of resin is used to repair chips on windscreens and if it is not done properly and with the right amount of pressure, it can lead to cracks or other damage. There is no point in taking the risk with the safety of you or your passengers, so give us a call at 07707550375 or 08000842929 to request a no obligation quote for your windscreen repair today.

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