The Difference between Various Windscreen Cracks and Chips

The Difference between Various Windscreen Cracks and Chips

We have served the Manchester area for decades. Therefore we can tell you that all damage to your windscreen is not created equally. Some instances of damage are minor and can be repaired during your next car check-up while others need to be remedied immediately. There are times when it can be dangerous to drive with certain forms of windscreen damage and other times where repair isn’t even possible. Understanding what type of damage your windscreen has can be challenging. To avoid taking a risk, Fast Car Glass has put together a short guide to windscreen chips and cracks. This will help you to assess the need for urgent windscreen repair, or if it can wait until the weekend. Regardless of what type of damage you have on your car glass, if it is situated on the driver’s side, you should get it repaired ASAP.


Cracks and chips are very different types of damage. A crack will be thin in appearances and can vary in length. If a crack is near the edge of your glass or along the passenger’s side, your visibility won’t be affected. Cracks that are on the driver’s side can cause a dangerous road hazard. Any crack on the driver’s side of the car will also result in a failed inspection due to safety concerns. No matter where the crack on your windscreen is located, it has the potential to spread. The vibrations that travel thorough your car while you drive can cause the cracks to spread or web. Cracks should be repaired as soon as possible to prevent their spread and to ensure your windscreen remains road-worthy.

Bulls Eye

A small hole in your windscreen is called a bullseye. These types of windscreen damage can cause the glass to fracture. They have also been known to spread across the surface of the glass causing more damage. Most bull’s eyes are caused by some sort of object striking your windscreen. In most cases, this is a small stone or pebble. This type of damage should be repaired as soon as you have a free moment.


Craters are when stones, rocks or other debris hit your windscreen hard enough that it can leave a serious impact, but not enough to cause a hole. Unlike a bulls-eye, a crater will leave a hollow area in the center that is missing pieces of the glass. You should fix this type of damage immediately, and depending on its size, a full replacement may be required.


Slight damage to your windscreen that causes cracks that spread in all directions is called a star. No glass is missing from the whole with this type of damage, but the impact point is very clear. If a star occurs on the driver’s side, it requires immediate repair to restore visibility.

How We Can Help

Once you have identified the type of damage you have on your windscreen, give Fast Car Glass a call at 7707550375. We are happy to give you a quote for the repairs or come out to your location for servicing. Stay road safe and give us a call today.

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