The Purpose of the Dots on Your Windscreen

The Purpose of the Dots on Your Windscreen

Have you ever gazed out of your windscreen only to notice that there are little dots marching along the edges of the glass? Of course, they look nice but aside from an aesthetics standpoint, have you ever wondered what they are actually for?

When it comes to car glass, windscreens and everything related, Fast Car Glass is as the top of the class. We are here to satisfy your curiosity and let you know just what job those dots on your windscreen perform.

It’s All in the Frit

The area around the glass on your vehicle along the very edge is called the frit. The little black dots are a type of paint that can’t be removed by scraping. The paint is actually a form of ceramic paint that is baked into the glass. This area, the frit, serves a few purposes on your vehicle.

Its main job is to protect the urethane sealant around the glass on your car from ultraviolet sun rays. The sealant helps to hold the glass to your frame as well as keep the elements on the outside of your vehicle. The worst thing you can do is cook the sealant on your car since that would loosen the windscreen from your frame and send it flying down the road at the slightest bump.

The little dots also form a rough surface which gives the adhesive on the edges of the glass something to stick to. It also helps to disguise the look of the glue under the glass, which often looks unappealing. In the past, windows were sealed with gaskets which were further covered by a trim made of chrome. While this looked nice, it became more efficient to use adhesive as technology advanced.

The Dots My Friend, the Dots!

The halftone pattern or rather the dot-matrix seen on windscreens are there for the aesthetic appeal. The smooth gradient is simulated by dots that gradually get smaller until they become a line of solid black. The look is visually pleasing and allows for a nice look from the fit band blending into the windscreen. Who wants to look at grungy sealant or adhesive after all!

The Windscreen Curve

Another reason the dots are important is because of how windscreens are made. If you look at the glass on your car, you will notice that there is a gentle bend or curve. This curve is achieved during the baking process. The black frit band heats faster than the clear part of the windscreen and the sharp thermal gradient between the two areas can cause lensing. The dots help to prevent this by helping the heat to spread more evenly across the glass.

Modern Dots

Newer model vehicles also have dots on the windscreen just behind the review mirror in addition to the edges of the glass. These are called third visor frit. They help to block bright rays from the sun when the light strikes between both visors. No more riding over a hill only to blinded by the glare when you reach the top.

Final Thoughts

While this may not be the most important thing in the world, if you have ever been curious about windscreens dots, now you know! They actively work to create a smooth transition from the black frit band to stop distortion. The ones behind your mirror help you to maintain visibility while you are on the road.

If your windscreen ever gets scratched or damaged and requires a Manchester windscreen repair, make sure you call the professionals here at Fast Car Glass. All of our work is certified, and we always replace vehicle glass with high-quality materials, dots and all. Give us a call at 7707550375 to find out more.

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