Tips To Help You Prevent Windscreen Damage

Tips To Help You Prevent Windscreen Damage

Here at Fast Car Glass we have seen and repaired just about every kind of windscreen damage you can imagine. Some damage was preventable, and others were simply accidents. If you are interested in learning the most common ways windscreens get damaged, you have come to the right place. We will also give you tips on how to avoid damage to your windscreen while you are on the road.

Truck Rocks

Construction, trash, and dump trucks often haul stones or rocks from one place to the other. No matter how well their loads are secured, it’s always possible for small debris to bounce off of the trucks and onto your windscreen. These trucks also have heavy duty tires to help carry their heavy loads. These tires exert enormous amounts of pressure on the road. As a result, any pebbles, rocks or other debris they encounter can end up spinning from under their wheels directly into your windscreen. The sheer force of which can often cause cracks and chips that effect visibility while you are driving. A smart way to reduce or even avoid damage is to maintain a generous amount of space between your vehicle and any service trucks in front of you.

Damage from Nature

Mother Nature is frequently the cause of most windscreen damage. While it’s not possible to prevent every type of damage she has to offer, you can avoid a great deal. If you happen to be in a hail storm or under strong winds while you are driving, try to take shelter until the worst has passed. If you are not going to be on the road, park your car in a garage or other covered parking area. This will help reduce your windscreens exposure to the elements and other flying debris that can cause damage to the glass.

Road Accidents

It is critical to pay close attention to the road and your surroundings while you are driving. It is also important to be aware of your surroundings while you are parking. Accidents will happen, but most of them are completely avoidable. Avoid parking near children’s play areas, parks, and constriction sites. Also, make a point to follow the posted speed limit. Safe driving and conscious parking is one of the best tips to remember to keep your windscreen free from damage.

De-Icing Properly

Winter weather can hit you in a flash. No one likes to stand outside in the cold, but rushing through your de-icing steps or taking shortcuts can leave your windscreen damaged. Avoid using hot water to unfreeze your windscreen. The sudden temperature change can cause it to crack or even shatter. Instead of using a knife or other sharp items to scrape the ice from the glass, use a plastic windscreen scraper to remove the ice safely. Pair your plastic scraper with your car defroster, and your windscreen will be safely cleared of ice in no time.

How We Can Help

Fast Car Glass is always here when you need help with your car glass or windscreen. If you are in need of a windscreen chip repair, give us a call at 7707550375 today to find out more about our services.

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